SkyeDesk team has been operating in the recruitment space over a decade and with the onsite of Covid-19 we pushed aggressively into the global outsourcing space to help our clients reduce cost and increase flexibility across their organisations. The success was phenomenal with some our clients saving up to 80% of operational costs while maintaining quality. With additional staffing budgets saved they were able to expand  and scale their businesses into different markets and geographies. Our success is a testament of the value we deliver to our partners and almost all of our business is through word of mouth marketing.

Higher education qualification and fluent English skills makes Philippines that natural destination for global outsourcing. Government promotes the local BPO industry as it provides significant job opportunities for its population. The honest and hardworking nature of Filipinos also makes it one of the preferred destinations in the world. 

Significant labour cost savings and access to a wider talent pool are the some of the most common benefits of outsourcing. Remote working has changed the way we work forever, the days of 5 days a week in the office aren’t coming back and the ability to hire teams all around the world delivering the same business goals and outcomes are the future of work. The downside with anything is quality control, how you onboard and conduct initial assessments and choosing to work with an experienced provider will shield you from any downside risks.

You could technically outsource anything, however we recommend companies to start with a few roles first and test the water before they go into outsourcing at full scale. This gives organisation time to adjust and adapt. Junior to med level roles are the most common forms of outsourcing in the industry, however in recent years we have seem organisations make senior appointments overseas to oversea entire business lines. Things are changing fast and global remote working is definitely on the rise across all industries.

Hourly rates start at $6 per hour to $25 depending on the position and the seniority you are looking for. Technical roles generally have a higher rate than generalist positions.

Yes you can, just let us know how many hours per week you would like them to work and we can arrange the rest.

We have internal check and balances in place, from screening to initial assessments and we always encourage clients to conduct final interviews for quality control. Our success rate is staggering with most of our hires kept on a long time basis with very low replacement rates. That is something we are extremely proud of as an organization. We hire through the lens our clients and making recommendations based on our years’ experience and local market knowledge.

We keep it simple, once we are engaged we get to work straight away. We scope out the role and we float the role into our database and network of vetted professionals. If we don’t have the right candidate will go to market and screen one by one making sure they are the right fit for the project or the organization. We are across all major job boards in the southeast Asia region and have a large pipeline of candidates on the go. Once we have the right candidates in mind we invite our clients to select and arrange digital interviews for final selection.

We invoice out of Australia and you only pay on a monthly basis with one fee that is all inclusive of costs. We will handle all local payroll compliance and there is no lock in contracts. If at any stage you feel like the candidate is not right we will replace it for free with no extra charge. You can terminate at any time by giving a 2 weeks notice.

We will performance manage and monitor their progress. If things don’t get better we will terminate their contract and replace with someone new free of charge.

All our hires need to sign NDA and privacy agreements before they are progressed to an official hire. In cases where sensitive information is involved we can install certain software to monitor computer movements such as file sharing. There are many remote working technologies on the market that makes remote working safe and secure. 

Absolutely, our remote staff is able to accommodate to any timezone as long as we make it clear that this is a job requirement. Filipinos are familiar with overnight shifts and completely use to working with companies across different time zones.

Generally 2 to 3 weeks depending on the role itself, generalist positions are faster to fill but technical positions require a bit more time. Given the deep talent pool in the Philippines, a majority of positions are filled within 4 weeks.