Privacy & Security


Your Privacy is Paramount 

What is the difference between data privacy and data security? Data privacy refers to how data is collected and shared versus security, which is how it is protected from internal and external threats. Across the globe the collective idea has formed that strict guidelines must be put in place to keep personal data privacy safe, and this begins with the proper governance of that data. At SkyeDesk we maintain the highest standards of how your data is shared amongst our remote experts. We focus on data protection early in the process of outsourcing as a way to reduce risk and increase the likelihood of relationships that benefit both parties, customer relationships, and information assets, while preserving the reputation of your organization.

Data Privacy Measures

Data privacy focuses primarily on the rights of individuals, the way organizations govern the use of personal data and data subjects, privacy preferences as well as data collection and processing. We understand that regulators across the world have turned their attention to privacy issues as individual citizens have voiced increasingly serious concerns about the vulnerability of their data. 

  • Prevention of unauthorized access using security technologies and processes
  • We follow your guidelines regarding how to handle the data of your customers
  • Strict confidentiality of all telephone, email, name and alternative correspondence data collected through your business operations shared with us. 
  • Confidential protection of your location and personal details from which we access cookies
  • Any information gathered from your business is used exclusively to enhance your operations

Keeping All Parties Safe

When working with multiple countries around the world with their own privacy laws, it’s important that the data of all customers, and the liability of our company and yours, is kept absolutely safe. That’s why we also do our due diligence to stay within the regulations of each country, and within the proper boundaries of all involved operations. 

  • Local compliance: Privacy laws come with strict penalties for failure to comply, so it’s important that you understand your role in the process so that we can execute on our end of it. Your country will have a guideline system, such as the Australian Privacy Principles, to direct you towards the execution of all mandatory requirements. 
  • Full transparency: We are happy to discuss how we transfer, store, handle and obtain customer data to make sure that you are not held liable for any privacy breach that may occur. Furthermore, this obligation is increasing all the time—to be transparent—so we want you to be comfortable sharing your sensitive information. 
  • Clear communication: an easily followable line of communication makes it clear who is responsible for each part of data sharing, keeping privacy intact at all points in the process. 
  • High standard outsourcing agreements: mitigates the risk of data breaches and helps us fulfill our obligation to your organization, requiring a strong contract with detailed data storage requirements. 

The SkyeDesk Difference

Privacy is more than a commitment to your employees and customers, it is a right of every individual, and at SkyeDesk we take it with the utmost seriousness. When you outsource with us we put into action all the privacy requirements of your local area and ensure confidentiality. We understand you have a lot of options when it comes to outsourcing, available all over the world, onshore and offshore, but we are proud of our differentiator: our origin. We built our reputation around sourcing the best talent, and as we grew we needed full-time remote experts to support our operations. By finding the best talent, and nurturing it, we developed SkyeDesk. Call SkyeDesk today to discuss further your ability to save over 70% off your current costs.


Your Data is as Important as Our Data

We understand how important it is to keep your data safe and secure when outsourcing. One of the most important considerations when outsourcing is the security of your organization’s information. If this is a concern of yours, at SkyeDesk we understand—putting your information out there and collaborating with a team of remote workers can be daunting. In 2020 alone the losses related to cybercrimes was nearly $600 billion, up over $150 billion since 2014, according to CNBC. But the impact of security issues is more than financial—the trust your consumers have in your organization can be lost because you were unable to keep their sensitive data secure. 

What You Can Do to Keep Your Data Safe

We’re only as good as the clients we work with, and when you come on board with a security protocol of your own, the likelihood of staying safe is that much higher. Remember that your safety always starts in-house. Assess the level of security protection within the current policies and approaches of your company environment. High-security standards and the imposition of administrative rules will ensure that your data security remains intact. 

  • Administrative measures: Create a coherent plan to keep your data safe when used amongst employees, who often make mistakes that lead to the vulnerability of sensitive data. NDA agreements, passwords, PoPL, information protection, corporate emails, and internet use must all be addressed. 
  • Legal Protection: NDAs ensure data remains classified, and documents outlining how data is shared are helpful, such as disallowing the transfer of data to hard media, and requiring permitted data transfers to be recorded in logs. Requiring the use of VPNs to access data, if not already provided, is also a prudent request. 
    • Physical Security: As we do, make sure to take into account the physical security of your data. Remote servers can be damaged, and this is an often overlooked consideration for many companies. For example, in the Philippines servers are threatened by the occurrence of typhoons many times a year, and so proper protection must be put in place.
  • Technological Security: SIEM, DLP, firewall, email filters, antiviral software, intrusion detection prevention and more—we use them all, and so should you. 
  • Security audits: Is your outsourcing partner able to provide you with the amount of data security that you need? This is a question we always ask ourselves, and one you should ask of your own organization. With regular audits you’ll find flaws and loopholes with time to fix them. 
  • PoLP: Principle of Least Privilege means giving each outsourced team member direct access to information for which they have the need directly. All others receive limited access, and this can be reevaluated regularly. 

How We Keep Your Data Safe

There is no one-size fits all approach to keeping your data safe because data threats continually evolve and present themselves. 

  • Create Clear Expectations: Transparency and strong communication are the key to keeping your information safe. When everyone knows what to do, they know how data will be handled, and precautions can be put into place. Timelines, roles, project scope, data ownership … all of these parameters are important. We divide security in three categories: physical, technological and administrative. 
  • Physical, Technological, Administrative: Data threats come from the destruction of property, cyberattacks, and employees accessing or sharing data knowingly or unknowingly. We always address all three with a multi-pronged security approach. We use security incident and event management software to monitor our entire IT system for threats, implement data loss prevention software, email filters, intrusion prevention and detection systems, and antiviral software, as well as firewalls. 
  • Review Certifications and Security Logs: Regular audits of all essential parts of our corporate security system means we know what is strong and what needs improvement. We also implement education initiatives to improve the level of general awareness amongst our remote staff regarding existing security threats. 
  • Latest Cybersecurity Measures: We pride ourselves on using the best-in-market software tools and security technologies. With this we have in place an action plan to prevent malware, spyware and viruses. Regular tests for penetration are of course mandatory for SkyeDesk remote staff, so that when a threat does arise or simply evolves into something new, we are ready to effectively attack it. 
  • Continually Review Evolving Threats: Even after your project is complete, we make sure all your project-related data stays hidden. This is illustrative of our commitment to keeping your data safe at all times, and our continual review of evolving threats. We never take security for granted. Safe today does not mean safe tomorrow. 

The SkyeDesk Difference

We understand that before outsourcing you need to know your sensitive data will be kept safe. Your potential for growth, cost reduction and efficiency boosting should not be hampered by a lack of trust regarding data security. At SkyeDesk we aim to get you the greatest labor cost reduction and improved efficiency while taking every step possible to ensure your data is safe every step of the way. We understand you have a lot of options when it comes to outsourcing, available all over the world, onshore and offshore, but we are proud of our differentiator: our origin. We built our reputation around sourcing the best talent, and as we grew we needed full-time remote experts to support our operations. By finding the best talent, and nurturing it, we developed SkyeDesk. Call SkyeDesk today to discuss further your ability to save over 70% off your current costs.